Angel Exterminatus : Flesh and Iron eBook

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ISBN: 9781849704205

FILENAME: Angel Exterminatus : Flesh and Iron.pdf

PUBLISH DATE: 30 Jul 2013

The Angel Exterminatus is the High Gothic name for an immeasurably powerful creature of Eldar Mythology.In the Eldar Lexicon it is called Maelsaha'eil Atherakhia, although no survivor of the Eldar Craftworlds would dare to say its name aloud, which means beautiful eagle from hell that brings the end of all things.


Primarch Fulgrim leads his brother Perturabo in an attack upon a mysterious eldar world Perturabo - master of siegecraft, and the executioner of Olympia. Long has he lived in the shadow of his more favoured primarch brothers, frustrated by the mundane and ignominious duties which regularly fall to his Legion. When Fulgrim offers him the chance to lead an expedition in search of ancient and destructive xenos weaponry, the Iron Warriors and the Emperor's Children unite and venture deep into the heart of the great star maelstrom that haunts Perturabo's dreams. Pursued by vengeful survivors from Isstvan V and the revenants of a dead eldar world, they must work quickly if they are to unleash the devastating power of the Angel Exterminatus!

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